Following the success of the multi-award winning Lamu One House, we were commissioned by the same client to design Lamu Two which has an additional bedroom, making it a 4-bedroom house.

Located at the Shamba Creek Residence in Kilifi County, this charming contemporary Swahili house is designed to celebrate outdoor living, natural materials & craftsmanship, and a love of nature. The lime plaster used on floors & walls keep the interiors cool & timeless.

The main living spaces are arranged around a beautiful open verandah complete with an infinity pool in the middle of this tropical oasis.

Blending the coast’s Swahili roots with contemporary design are at the heart of the project. The interiors and styling are inspired by the enchanting flavours of the Swahili Coast.

Construction started in August 2023 and is expected to be completed this year.

  • Location: Mtwapa, Kenya
  • Project: Residential
  • Status: Construction
  • Year: 2023