Valéry Weyn Architects is a Mombasa based architecture & design firm founded in 2019 providing architectural, planning and design services to clients within East Africa.

Valéry was born in Belgium & raised in Kenya. She returned to Mombasa in 2013 after receiving her Master of Architecture at Curtin University of Technology in Perth, Western Australia. She became a registered architect in 2016 and opened her own practice in 2019. Before opening her own practice, she was a partner at PCP Architects, a firm with vast experience in various commercial, residential and industrial projects.

VWA specializes in architecture for the tropics; a passion to create spaces informed by context, climate & soul of place. The nature and size of our projects vary, and together with the client, we go on a journey of developing the conceptual project, to detailed drawings, to realising the final product on site.

In addition to maintaining her architectural practice Valéry also fronts her firm Geotextiles East Africa which specializes in geosynthetic solutions for various soil reinforcement applications in the field of civil engineering & construction. She realized early on in her career the importance of taking on a holistic approach to building – starting from the ground up. After further training & research on Geosynthetic Engineering in South Africa & Germany, she applies her knowledge to achieving more economical and sustainable ways of constructing on weak soils, including a specialty focus on protecting coastal & beach erosion.